We have loaded more intelligence into Comfort Window than any other thermostat, making it the smartest thermostat on the planet.


  • Comfort Window
  • Remote Access via Wifi
  • Economizer
  • Graphical Program Interface
  • Ventilation Timer Controls
  • Auto changeover
  • Indoor Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH%)
  • Outdoor Temperature and Relative Humidity (requires optional sensor)
  • Vacation Mode
  • One Touch Comfort Window button
  • History
  • Support for many different configurations of heating and cooling equipment.
    • Regular AC
    • Heat Pump
    • Gas/Electric Heat
    • Humidifier
    • Separate Heating and Cooling Units
    • Multiple Stage (2 cooling / 3 heating)
  • Override


"Now I can even change my thermostat's program settings right from my couch."

Dan Walter