An economizer is a smart feature that constantly monitors the air inside and outside of a building.  At certain times it is more effective to heat or cool using the outside air instead of the return indoor air.  Sometimes, it is even possible to heat or cool that building simply by using the outdoor air.  The economizer has been available in commercial equipment for a long time.  Comfort Window is now bringing economizer controls to the residential market as well.

Free Cooling™

Have you ever walked into your house on a cool evening and noticed that it actually felt better outside than it does inside your house?  This happens because your well insulated house is designed to hold heat and does not cool quickly.  You will probably end up running your air conditioner to cool your house down.  Comfort Window will monitor the outside air temperature and moisture content and drive the appropriate dampers and fans to cool your house further into your Comfort Window when possible.  Since it can do this using outdoor air, it cools for a fraction of the cost of running the AC.

Free Heating™

Free Heating™ works in a similar but opposite way as our Free Cooling™ feature.  As the outdoor temperature raises during a cool spring day, Comfort Window watches for opportunities to warm your house using outdoor air instead of running the costly heating equipment.

Comfort Window

Free Heating™ and Free Cooling™ are integrated into your personalized Comfort Window.  Instead of hovering around the setpoint like a typical thermostat, Comfort Window will condition your home further into your Comfort Window.

Note: The Economizer, Free Cooling™ and Free Heating™ features require our optional outdoor sensor, and often require additional ducting.  Check with your local HVAC technician to find out if any additional equipment is required to take advantage of these features with your system.

"An economizer can heat or cool your home for a fraction of the cost of typical equipment."

Dan Walter