Several studies have revealed that most people simply don't use the program feature on their thermostat because it is just too difficult to figure out.  Since the feature is often completely ignored, they are missing out on potential energy savings.  We have set out to change this by re-imagining the whole program schedule interface.


With Comfort Window, you can see a graphical representation of your program schedule and quickly add, edit or remove program entries.  You can even do this from your smart phone or favorite internet enabled device.

How It Works

A typical thermostat has four program slots per day, requiring the user to cycle through and program each one for the whole week.  If you need to check or change one, you will have to cycle through the whole set just to find it.

With Comfort Window's Program Scheduler, you can view the whole week at a glance and easily add, edit or remove an entry.  It's just that simple!

Program Profiles

With Comfort Window, you can set up and maintain multiple Program Profiles.  There is no limit, so set up as many as you need.  Later, just select which one to set as the active Program Schedule.  You can even assign any of your saved Profiles to any of your thermostats.

"Now I can even change my thermostat's program settings right from my couch."

Dan Walter