Increased Comfort

Typical thermostats look only at the dry bulb temperature, however temperature is only part of the story.  Since we feel comfort based on the combination of temperature and humidity, Comfort Window takes both into account.

More Energy Savings

In addition to the energy saved using the program feature (temperature setback while away or sleeping), Comfort Window™ saves energy in several unique ways.

  • Hidden Comfort Regions - By looking at humidity compensated or "feels like" temperatures, Comfort Window is able to save energy while maintaining your comfort.  more on comfort regions
  • Economizer - Our economizer allow's you to heat or cool your home with outside air.  Comfort Window continuously monitors both indoor and outdoor conditions (temp and RH) to control dampers and fans.  When conditions permit, it can heat or cool your home for the low cost of running a fan.  more on the economizer
  • Additional Free Cooling/Heating - Since the economizer operates at such a low cost, it can heat or cool your home deeper into your comfort window.  Pre-loading your home saves energy as it will take longer before mechanical heating or cooling is required.

"The Comfort Window is an exciting new way to think about comfort."

Brad Bruce